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PostPosted: Mon Dec 21, 2015 2:31 am    Post subject: Unktahren  Reply with quote

Years ago me and some friends adapted an ancient Egyptian style land fitting with 2nd edition D&D. I know much has changed, but I'd still like to add this style somewhere on Shaarthuus, if that's alright with the administrators of the board. I'll give a little information, let me know what you think.

Unktahren is the name of the small kingdom/land area(whichever) and those that live here believe the soul is divided into five parts. The Rak(heart), the Baht(shadow), the Zet(name), the Ven(personality), and the Kah(vital spark). The Kah is a vital essence as it distinguishes between the living and the dead, with death occuring when the Kah leaves the body. If the living being was of royal blood, a ceremony would occur to assure assendence into the afterlife, which they call Akhtem. Akhtem is a week long ceremony, each night representing a different aspect of one's life and possible afterlife, depending on the deceased's main religion. In some cases, the deceased was again reborn; either in spirit, or as a infant to grow and learn from their past, in which they don't remember as they get older. Unktahrenians believe in all the deities, for each serve a purpose during their lifetime in some form, but those of royal blood tend to stay true to one as their goal in life, and the afterlife.

Classes: Depends on status. Those of royal bloodline usually become divine or arcane casters. Those of noble bloodline serve the royal bloodline and usually become fighter or rogue types. Those of any other class are known as Htaks, whose only purpose is to serve as messengers.

Races: Human, elven, half elven, plus any feline or canine racial types(those of these types are revered as children of the gods, aka Ghaths).

Deities: Most take the form of a feline or canine and only show a somewhat humanoid form to the high priests/priestesses of their clergy. Although Ghaths say they speak with their deities on a daily basis, face to "true" face.

Alright, that's enough information for now. Again, let me know what you think and thank you for taking the time to read this, regardless if you choose not to accept. (Bows and leaves the court, giving the creators of the realm time to think)

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