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A Fallen Goddess

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Goddess of Eonia

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 16, 2013 5:04 am    Post subject: A Fallen Goddess  Reply with quote

Cothrom, the God of Judgment, tapped his gavel upon the gray marble table at which he was seated.  The sound of the tapping gavel echoed throughout the marble walls of the judgment room, commanding silence of all those in attendance.  He stood, holding his head high and steeled himself, watching as Erys, Goddess of Vengeance and Retribution, was escorted to stand before him.

Erys stood tall jerking her arms free of the guards’ hold, turning her silver mirrored eyes up to Cothrom.  She stood strong and defiant; feeling assured that she would be found innocent of the charges brought against her…that of attempting to assassinate another member of the pantheon.

Cothrom looked to either side of him at the deities who were in attendance then back to Erys.  He pulled in a deep breath and released it, “Erys, the charges are grievous ones, all facts have been discussed thoroughly.  At least all facts as they have been presented.”  Cothrom glanced over to Tharyn, the god of dark magic, with a raised eyebrow, then returned his gaze to Erys.  “I will not prolong this any longer, the judgment has been made.  Erys you are hereby found guilty of the attempted assassination of a member of this pantheon, punishable by death.  But…”  Cothrom again glanced over at Tharyn and back to Erys, “Instead, you will be banished.  All your powers will be stripped from you and all memories of who or what you were…erased.”

“Father!”  Trinity, Goddess of Justice, jumped up from her seat, only for her to be force to sink back down into it by a   warning glance from Cothrom.  

Erys’ eyes flared opened in surprise as what she had just heard.   “What?!  NO!! Lord Cothrom!  Father!  Please.”  She jerked her head to Trinity.  “Trinity!”

Trinity lowered her head closing her eyes, avoiding her sister’s pleas.  She laced her fingers together gripping her hands tightly to mask the anger that made her shake.  The rest of the pantheon had the look of pity on their faces as she looked at each in turn silently pleading with them.

Cothrom pulled a deep breath, “The sentencing will take place immediately.”

The last thing Erys would see of Eonian Patheon was the pleasure filled smirk on Tharyn’s face.


In a forest located in the southern region of the Sarynton Kingdom, a small group of elven rangers came across an unconscious elven woman.  

“She’s beginning to awaken!”  One of the group yelled out to his companions who were moving closer to join him.  The elven woman opened her eyes, upon seeing the elven men around her she let out a gasp and scuttled back away from them.  Her pale gray eyes darting from one elf to another til she backed up to a tree.  She shook long black hair out of her eyes as she watched the elven men with a fear filled gaze.
The elf that had apparently discovered her and guarded over her til she awakened studied her for a moment, holding up his hands to show that he had no weapons and meant her no harm.  “Never seen an elf with eyes like that.”  He commented to a companion who shook his head in agreement.

He made no move towards her just watched as she watched him.  “What is your name?  I am Dertherus, this is Jarius and that’s Zeevas.  Who are you?”

The woman looked at the men and shook her head.  “I don’t know.”

Zeevas gave a snort.  “That’s an odd name.”

Jarius elbowed Zeevas and gave him a reprimanding stare.  Zeevas shrugged and fell silent leaving all the Q&A to Dertherus.

The woman glanced at Jarius and Zeevas turning her gaze back to Dertherus, “I don’t know who you are, who I am or where I am at.”
Dertherus glanced to Jarius with a grim expression, “We can’t just leave her here, not like this.”  He then turned back to the woman.  “You will come with us.  We will have some traveling to do to get to where we are going, that being the case we should give you a name so we don’t have call you ‘hey you’."  He thought for a moment.  "I think Avaninia fits you well.”

The woman got to her feet and gave a shrug dusting herself off, “I suppose at this point, one name is as good as another.  What does it mean?”  She asked setting her pale gray eyes on Derthrus.

Dertherus smiled,“It means, strong one.  Come, we should be going.”

She returned the smile weakly, watching the elves before her.  They wanted her to travel with them, to where they didn’t divulge, but thoughts ran quickly through her mind as she assessed the situation.  She had been unconscious when they discovered her, if they had meant her any harm, they could have easily taken advantage, but they guarded her.  Obviously they were not a threat.  Where ever it is that they are going perhaps she could find answers as to who she was.
Warn your warmth to turn away.  Here its December everyday... (AFI-Love Like Winter)
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Goddess of Eonia

Joined: 27 Jun 2008
Posts: 651
Weapon of Choice: Deception

Location: Visiting the lands of Shaarthuus

PostPosted: Tue Jan 29, 2013 1:43 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Trinity walked along a path in the garden.  The fragrant smells of blossoms and the soothing sound of the bubbling creek soothed her mind when it was troubled.  But this time it offered her little solace as she mulled over the recent events.

“My daughter, I figured I might find you here.  Whenever things bother you this is where you come.”

Trinity turned and faced Cothrom, her father, then turned away from him again.  “I cannot believe what you have done, father.   The balance now spins with a wobble, threatening to be rented apart not to mention you have banished your own child, my twin sister, and now she walks the lands not knowing who she is.  She has been left in a perilous situation and I fear Tharyn will take advantage of this.”

“The balance is only upset for a short span of time, my child.  As for casting her to the lands, left bereft of her knowledge to fall prey…certainly not.  Éadrom and even Dubh agrees with me that Tharyn is up to something, placing her upon the Eonian lands would have been tantamount to handing her over to the   hangman.”  Cothrom said mildly.
Trinity spun around with a questioning gaze.  “Then where is she, if not upon our lands?”

Cothrom watched Trinity, debating whether to tell her.  He pulled in and released a heavy breath of resolution,  “Éadrom, myself and Dubh, decided to place her upon a neighboring world, called Shaarthuus.  We met with the high gods of the pantheon and they agreed that she could be placed there until we were able to find more information, be it for good or ill.”

He moved up to her and rested a hand on he shoulder as his other hand slipped beneath her white locks, caressing the side of her face, staring into her amethyst eyes.  “I am Judgment.  I pass judgment on the evidence and facts presented to me.  You are Justice, if justice has been denied, then move swiftly to correct it.  Bring me evidence so that I too can correct my judgment and make things right.  But move with haste, Trinity, for as you said, the balance now spins with a wobble.  Left as it is, the balance will fly apart.”

“Do the rest know about this?  I mean about you coming to me and sending me out to find that which would absolve her sentence?”  Trinity asked.

Cothrom shook his head, “Not as of yet, but they will soon enough.  No, don’t look at me like that, Trinity, I do nothing dubious and I do nothing short of what any of them would do for their own.  I seek the truth.  Should that truth be she is guilty, my judgment will remain, if even so much as a grain is found to support her claims, the judgment will be overturned.  Now go, make haste child, we have no time to waste.”
“Yes father.  I will not fail you.”

Cothrom pulled Trinity close kissing her forehead.  “Do not fail your sister.”  


Avaninia felt like she had been walking for days, but in fact it had been less than 3 hours when the elven city came in sight.  She stopped and stared in awe at the shimmering crystalline spires that soared above the trees of the forest.  Dertherus stopped beside her, following her gaze.  “It’s so beautiful!  Like diamonds nestled in green velvet.  Is this your home?”  She spoke softly in an awed tone.

Dertherus turned to look at her, “It is.  The “green velvet”, is the Whispering Forest, so named because when the wind blows it sounds as if the trees are whispering.  The “diamonds” are the spires of the elven city of Sonas.  Come, we have not much farther to go.”  He gently placed his hand on Avaninia’s shoulder to urge her on and began walking, leading her toward what he called home.

After about another half mile they entered the city.  Dertherus sent Jurius and Zeevus on as he stayed close to Avaninia.  As they walked through the city, Avaninia was scantily aware of those who stopped what they were doing to stare at the two.  She was absorbed in the beauty around her.  The sun snuck through the leaves of the forest canopy and danced upon the crystalline structures, making them glisten like polished jewels.  The sweet scent of blossoms filled the air from gardens that were tended to with tender loving hands.  So enrapt was she that it was a moment before she was aware that Dertherus was speaking to her.

“Avaninia?  We are here.”

“I’m sorry, what did you say?”  She turned to him.

“We are here.”  He repeated.

“We are where?”  She questioned.

“We are at the Council Chambers.  Perhaps they have a bit more insight on this situation.” He answered.  He watched her a moment as she turned back to stare at structure in front of her, it was made of the purest white marble and pale rose quartz.  An odd combination, but here it seemed to be a combination that belonged together.

Dertherus led Avaninia up the semi-circular steps.  Upon their approach elven guards opened the double, silver doors, which sealed a large chamber, allowing Dertherus and Avaninia entrance.  They entered the atrium and were immediately approached by an elf instructing them to wait, while the members of the council arrived and were ready for audience.

As they waited Avaninia looked around.  Looking up at the domed ceiling, it bore frescos of the forest during the differing seasons; the buds of new growth in the spring to the vibrant green during the summer to the shades of reds and golds of fall then bare gray of winter.  The painting covered the entire inside of the dome, one season leading into the other, depicting nature’s endless cycle.

At the top border of the crystalline wall where it met with the bottom of the domed ceiling was carved, in white marble and gilded with gold, depictions of nature; trees, flowers and animals.
In the waiting chamber was made of clear crystal that pulled in the sunlight, tinting it with a yellow hue giving it inviting warmth.  Trees were grown at 5 points in a star formation and in the center was clear crystal fountain.  The crystal statue, fashioned in the likeness of an elven maiden, held a pitcher and from it ran water onto a newly planted crystal seedling.

Even indoors the beauty was awe inspiring to Avaninia, but before she could take in anymore of the chamber, she and Derthus were summoned.  Derthus moved to the doors of the council chambers awaiting Avaninia.  She approached him with a look of concern.  He smiled taking her hand and giving it a reassuring squeeze.  “It will be ok, Avaninia.”

She gave him a slight smile.  Derthus released her hand as they entered the council chambers.  She stared forward at the members who were seated in a semicircular marble table.  “I have been here before.”  She spoke just barely above a whisper.  Derthus was quickly at her side staring at her questioningly, but he wasn’t the only one who had heard her and before he could say anything she was called forward.

“Come closer, child.”  Commanded an elven man dressed in white robes that denoted an official station.

Avaninia moved a few steps closer staring at the man.  He studied her for a moment. “You have been here before?  When?”

Avaninia shook her head, “I do not know…I cannot remember…I just know I have.”

The man’s eyebrows gathered slightly, “How old are you?”

Avaninia thought gazing downward, she didn’t know.  She closed her eyes searching her mind but found nothing.  She shook her head again pulling her gaze up to the man, “I do not know.”

The elven man to the head speaker’s right leaned in and whispered something, the lead speaker shook his head giving a slight negating wave of his fingers as he watched Avaninia intently, staring into her pale grey eyes.  “By the looks of you, my guess would be that we have lived more than 2 of your lifetimes and served on this council longer than you are old.  None of us have memory of you coming before us before.  So it could not have been here that you have been before, perhaps in your own homeland?”

Avaninia pressed her fingers to the side of her temple, closing her eyes and shaking her head.  “I do not know…I do not know.”  She whispered.  Her body trembled and she felt her legs begin to weaken.  Suddenly Derthus was beside her supporting her.

The head speaker raised an eyebrow in interest.  “What are you called, child?”  The speaker asked with a gentle tone.

“Avanania, Speaker.”  Derthus spoke.  “Speaker, if I may?  Jurius, Zeevus and myself came across her unconscious in the forest.  She awoke shortly and was fearful of us at first, we showed ourselves to be no threat to her and she came along willingly in hopes that perhaps you would have some answers.  I asked her, her name, but she could not remember it.  I gave her the name Avaninia so as to have something to call her by.  We talked some on the way here, she has no recollection of who she is, where she is from or even where she is.”

The speaker looked back at Avaninia, “Is what he speaks truth…Avaninia?”

She nodded, “It is.”

The speaker pressed his lips together in grim thought, those on his right and left leaning in whispering.

“Speaker, we cannot, in good conscious, turn her out.  Not in this condition.  Were she to come to harm, her blood would stain us.  I will be her sponsor if that is what it would take to ensure her safety.”  Derthus said strongly.

Avaninia looked at Derthus fully aware of what he was doing and the responsibility he was taking.

The Speaker looked at Derthus, “This is highly unusual…highly unusual.  She is not from our lands…but…she is elven, making her kin to us and as you said we cannot in good conscious turn her out.”  The Speaker glanced at his companions who nodded.  “We accept your sponsorship of her.  She will be your responsibility, Derthus.

Derthus nodded, “A responsibility I gladly accept, Speaker.”

The speaker convened the meeting and excused Derthus and Avaninia, who left the council chambers quickly.  Once outside Avaninia stopped and looked at Derthus.   “So where do we go from here?”

Derthus smiled and took her hand, “We go to your new home.”
Warn your warmth to turn away.  Here its December everyday... (AFI-Love Like Winter)
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Goddess of Eonia

Joined: 27 Jun 2008
Posts: 651
Weapon of Choice: Deception

Location: Visiting the lands of Shaarthuus

PostPosted: Wed Jan 30, 2013 6:41 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Trinity hesitated for a moment at the door of her father’s study.  Gathering her strength, for what she must tell him, she entered.  

Cothrom stood staring out the window his mind wandering and did not hear Trinity enter.  She closed the door softly.  “Father?”

Only vaguely hearing her, Cothrom turned his head, looking over his shoulder.  With sudden recognition he smiled, turning from the window and moved across the marble floor to meet Trinity.  “From your expression the news is not good.”

Trinity shook her head, “I fear not father.  It has been almost a week and Tharyn has been good in covering his tracks.  The only one that would have truly known was Erys and she is not here even if she were her memories were erased, never to be retrieved.”

Cothrom turned from Trinity.  “Prepare your things, you will be going to find Erys.”  He said softly.

“For what purpose?  She cannot help us help her.”  She retorted with a sharp edge.

Cothrom moved back to look out his window, clasping his hands behind his back.  “Her memories were not erased, they were hidden and locked away within the chambers of her mind.  In accessible, until such time that we could release them.”

Trinity moved up on her father in quick stride, “What?!  You did not deem that telling me such was necessary?  I could have ended this days ago!”
Cothrom spun around.  “Mind your tone, child.  Like the mortals, our children are not privy to all we do or why we do it.”  Cothrom grabbed Trinity and pulled her to him, holding her in a crushing embrace and stroking her long white hair.  “I’m sorry…I did not mean to speak to you in such a manner.  What we did we did in an effort to loll Tharyn into slipping up.  But we have watched him closely and have found nothing.  Now the dark is calling for a sacrificial lamb from the light to keep right the balance.  Éadrom supports me and Dubh is being unusually patient, but we can no longer afford this upset.  It is the reason we did what did, to be used as a last resort, but what we said would lead Tharyn into complacency.”

Trinity pulled back and looked up into Cothrom’s eyes, in just the past week it seemed as though he had aged a century.  Trinity’s expression softened, “I’m sorry, father.  You are right, we are not privy to everything and I was not aware of things being as dire as they are. “Trinity pulled in a breath and released It taking a step back, “As for Tharyn, he is setting up his stage, he still needs his actors, but these actors will inadvertently burn down his stage and destroy his plot.”  She reached out and squeezed Cothrom’s hand reassuringly, “Things will be made right.”

Trinity left Cothrom’s study, going to her chambers and dressed for traveling.  She needn’t gather any gear as her journey would be a short one.  She spoke a single word and vanished, traveling the ethers til she materialized in chamber that was only lit by the fire that burned in the hearth.

At a desk she could make out a man perusing parchments that lay upon the black wood, by a lit candle.  “You and my sister would get along splendidly.”  She said as she moved closer to the fire looking about the chamber.

The man looked up his eyes roving over her long white hair down over her white gown and silver accents, then his eyes pulled up to stare into her amethyst eyes.  “I think you made a left when you should have made a right, m’lady.”

“If you are Koldar, then I have made no errors.”  She quirked an eyebrow in question.

“I am he, but what business does the light have to do with sending it’s messengers to me?”  He asked sitting back in his seat.

Trinity waved a hand over the fire freezing the flame in glowing ice, the walls of the room iced over dropping the temperature quickly to below freezing.  She moved to him and looked down at him, “What messenger has such power?  Obviously you did not get the memo of my arrival.   I am Trinity, I am seeking my sister, Erys.”

Koldar smirked waving a hand breaking Trinity’s enchantment and returning the chamber to comfortable warmth.  “Oh I got the memo, otherwise you would not be standing here in my chamber, I was just entertaining myself a bit pushing your buttons.”

Trinity flushed with anger, “I do not have time to amuse you.  Give me what aid you can and I will be on my way.”

Koldar chuckled handing over to her a simple, plain gold bracelet.  “All you have to do is concentrate; it will take you right to her.  BUT…before you go, you may want to know a few things about her.  For us here in the ethereal realm time has no meaning, but for mortals, with their short life spans, even the elves lives being short compared to us, we blink an eye and they have lived a life time.  It’s been only a few days for you a week maybe, but for her it’s been over a year.”

Trinity looked at Koldar confusedly.

“Come.”  Koldar commanded leading Trinity to the window.  He waved his hand over it and through it they looked upon the elven city of Sonas.  Trinity saw the elven children playing while their mothers bustled about going off to purchasing things from the market others tending gardens while others sat and enjoyed the nature around them.  Koldar pointed to a couple that where sitting together, watching the children play catch.  “That is your sister.  Listen.”

Avaninia sat curled up against Derthus as they watched a brother and sister pass a ball back and forth.  “You know our wedding is just 2 weeks away and we have yet to discuss children of our own.”  Derthus said watching the boy run after the ball.

Avaninia turned smiling up at Derthus, “I will give as many children as you like, my dearest.”

Derthus smiled squeezing her and kissing her head, “Then we will have 20!”  He smiled facetiously at her.

She laughed, “What if we compromise and go with 19?”  

He pursed his lip in mock thought, “You drive a hard bargin, 19 it is.”  They both laughed.

“Avaninia! Avaninia!”  A small voice called to her.  “Will you come play too?  Pleeeeease?”

Avaninia looked up to Derthus who smiled knowing her answer before she even pushed away and got to her feet to go play catch with the children.

Trinity watched, smiling.  “Few have been the times I have ever seen my sister smile, fewer still that I have seen her laugh.  She is blissfully ignorant and happy for it.  It makes me wish I could just leave and let her have her life.  But I cannot.”

Koldar looked at Trinity “I understand, do what you must, this was something I thought you needed to know.”

Trinity nodded then vanished.  She bided her time waiting til night fell when most would have retired to their homes for the night.  As a half-elf walking through an elven city would not be overly welcomed even if the half-elf was of the light.

Once it was dark Trinity materialized just inside the door of Avaninia and Derthus’ house.  Both jerked their head to see her and jumped to their feet, Derthus taking a step in front of Avaninia as he drew a dagger.  Trinity looked at Derthus and held up a hand “Hold.” She said softly then turn her gaze to Avaninia, “Come to me.”

Avaninia walked up to Trinity, trapped by her enchanment and stared into her eyes.  Trinity grabbed the side of Avaninia’s head holding her fast.  “Let this serve as a lesson to teaching me your little tricks, sister dear.”  Trinity delved into Avaninia’s mind, wading through all that was new and moving past it to get to the great hall of her mind where everything that she had ever known was now locked away from her grasp.

Trinity pulled out the key and unlocked the lock to the great hall.  When she entered torches placed upon the walls flared into brilliant light.  Doors lined both sides of the hall all with silver locks upon them, behind the doors was a chamber with book shelves containing a countless number of books that would be Avaninia’s memories.  The chambers closest to the hall’s doors were the newest so Trinity didn’t bother with them.

As she moved down the corridor the door at the end caught her eye.  There was not just one lock but two,  one of her own making and one of the gods.  Curiosity got the better of her and she went down removed the deital lock, but had no clue how to unlock the other.  She gave it a pull to see if it would give and nothing.  “Unlock it Erys.”  Still nothing.  “You black hearted witch!  I’m trying to help you, unlock the blasted lock!”  Trinity gave the lock as hard pull and it popped.

Trinity tossed the locks aside and opened the door peering in.  It was a chamber similar to the rest only this one did not contain nearly the amount of volumes as the rest.  She pulled a volume down and thumbed through it, she realized this is where Erys herself kept hidden all that was important to her and that which she found happiness in.  

She thumbed through another book, making note that most of these were remembrances of her daughter, Veineas.  Erys had turned out to be a very good mother, very loving and overly protective like any mother.

Protective like any mother.

A book fell to the floor with a thud, making Trinity start.  She replaced the one she was holding to pick up the one that had fallen.  She opened it…began thumbing, there it was, that which sat everything in motion.  She slammed the book shut and put It back on the shelf and left the room, closing the door and replacing the lock.  “I’m sorry, my sister, just a while longer.”

Trinity took her leave of Avaninia’s mind.  Avaninia writhed and whimpered in pain.  “Forgive me, my sister.  Sleep.”  Trinity whispered, then catching Avaninia’s limp body she eased it to the floor.

She released the hold on Derthus who ran and fell to his knees feeling for any sign of life in Avaninia.  He looked up at Trinity “What did you do to her?  She did nothing to you she was no threat.  I was the one with a weapon.”

“She only sleeps.  Tell me Derthus, do you really love her?”  Trinity asked.

Derthus looked up, “Yes, with all my heart.”

“Is it an unconditional love, that could with stand the harshest storm?”  she asked

Derthus nodded “Yes.”

“Do you believe she feels the same for you?”  She questioned.

Again Derthus nodded “Yes, without a doubt.”

Trinity pulled in a deep breath and released it, “You have one week left with her.  Make the most of it because at that time that which you claim to have for each other will be put to test.”  With that Trinity vanished.

Warn your warmth to turn away.  Here its December everyday... (AFI-Love Like Winter)
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