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Lands of Shaarthuus
Explore the lands of Shaarthuus from the continent of Elerin, to the oriental-style land of Shien.
Gods and Magic
Learn of the powerful forces that drive the world of Shaarthuus.
Other Info
Find out about the races, classes, items, and other things that make Shaarthuus unique.
The primary continent of Shaarthuus, this part of the world is populated by Dwarves, Elves, Humans, Orcs and Goblinoids. It is a war-torn land and the Orcs and Goblinoids attempt to destroy all elven and human habitations.
This land is populated by clans of people who hold honor above all else. Protected by Samurai and the mystical backing of Shugenja and WuJen, along with the stealthiness of the Ninja, Shien is a place with an exotic flavor.
Half of this continent is frozen by the fell magicks of the Fist of Winter. The other half is known as the Dark Kingdoms and is populated by Ogres, Orcs, Goblinoids, and their like.
Kingdom of Obligius
A continent unknown to all lands mentioned, where only one god now exists. A land filled with peace, prosperity and love for all that reside upon this continent known as Gerwycketon. Though there are some that believe otherwise. Will you be one of those few?
In-Character Role/Roll Playing. This is where our characters, whether heroes or villains of the lands of Shaarthuus, will reside and do their best to either save or torment.
This is where one can plan a Role/Roll playing game based on Shaarthuus and discuss issues Out Of Character.
Fun for Everyone
Come in here to get to know everyone or to just talk about things that don't actually pertain to Shaarthuus
Come in here to share your Shaarthuus-based tales.
Short fanfic of any kind is welcome here. Have fun and be creative.
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